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Live Video Stream from the Khanyisa Conference

Live stream from Khanyisa via USTREAM - The 3rd World Re-Ev0lution Show - 2013

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Streaming broadcast includes live online interviews taking place in the Headspace Studio and on the road mixed with rare footage from my 3CCD travels in South Africa and beyond. From psychedelic Bushmen to altered statesmen, we examine the outward edges of reality from Cape Town, South Africa, we will rock your world!

Log on to the revolving link and experience a webtrance media broadcast.

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Place: Cape Town, South Africa. Headspace Studios
Time: The present (Updated Thursday 19th May 2011)

Event: Webtrance live media broadcast

Status: Streaming offline.

Got a cam? Need to speak to a cybershaman? If you click the live link above and I'm online, my vidbot will try try to connect us. However, it's a sure thing if you mail me first.

Thanks to Dave from PCNETWORK and technowizzes from various entities, like PHD, E., and S.G., and to Judges Azmazz, Neter, and Alex (The Scott).

And because I think logitech really should get me one of their new cams by now, you can get a look at a good selection of Logitech cams here.

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