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I guess it all started when I left work one day and didn't return. But that's another story. Usenet is a strange place and I'd guess that I've written reams on it over the years, but this is not relevant because this page exists for usenet to visit and download my binaries from. I just got sooo tired of being reminded that posting binaries on usenet is illegal:) I've put up some media filez for those who're interested. The filez are all viewable with Windows Media Player, which you can get for free here There is also a MAC version available here.

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NOTE: Please download and view the files below off your hard drive. This server is in South Africa:)

Latest - Large video filez from my archives- 8/3/2002

'60 Seconds'. A minute's slice of life crammed with the meaning of it all has just, (March 2002), won Third Prize in a national digital video competition. To get the latest in surreal reality compression, download it for Windows Media Player (1.8 MB) here. Due to pressure from the Kibologists, I'm making the dreaded Apple Quicktime (.mov) format available.

Quicktime 60 Seconds Filez: 28,800 File (1MB) 56,600 File (2 MB) ISDN File (3.5MB)

Barry Lategan is a very interesting persona. Besides being one of the world's best known photographers, he's also a guru on the other side of the lens. I was lucky to get him on film saying some neat stuff when I was in London back in '99. I've rendered some special effects to enhance what Barry is saying. Get this great quality 1.6 MB clip here

Rustlers Talk. Terence Mckenna talks psychedelic @ Rustlers Valley (1996). This is excellent quality and a meaningful ten minutes, but it's also 86 MB. If you've got sattelite, cable or dual ISDN, then this is for you. Otherwise use a download manager that resumes. Download this collectible video here.

Download the WEBTRANCE HQ movie (8.5 MB) here.

Latest::: Astral Projection HQ audio loop mp3 (1.75 MB) here.

5 Minutes of meme photography combining live footage with special effects using my webtrance script. This movie was shown at the Lucky Strike Film Festival at The Curve nightclub in Cape Town in TV broadcast quality. The .wmv file is excellent and deserves to be shown using your 'full screen' option. 8.3 MB HQ Download here

Terence Mckenna walks and talks psychedelic @ Rustlers Valley (1996). See beautiful surroundings, and watch in awe as Terence gets shown around. Guest appearances by Mike, myself, Frik and the Rustlers crew.

Rustlers Walk. Clip one. 60 MB Download here

Rustlers Walk. Clip two. 22 MB Download here

The above three clips are pretty rare, in fact no one but a few close friends (and Dennis Mckenna) have seen them. I'm making them available so that you'll all share Terence's wonderful sense of humor, and wry outlook. As below, please download these files before attempting to view them.

NOTE: Please download and then view files off your hard drive. This server is in South Africa:)

Baby Ariel Rose @ 5 months - Born 22/2/2000 - HQ Media File 650k - Download here

April 2000, I did this psychedelic video (2.25MB) for Manuela Corti's *** Project Grey *** as a eulogy to Terence Mckenna. It features my voice, music and special effects. Get the movie file here

A psychedelic road trip video with cool sound track featuring the voice of Barry Lategan - 3.7MB - Download here

December 31st 2000 in the afternoon @ Headspace Studios in the roof of my house. Get the video (2.6MB) here

December 31st 2000 in the evening. Video clip - here - (344k) - to see what I said.

A TV interview with my other persona. Get the video (911K) here

I was in Hawaii in 1999 to pay my respects to Terence Mckenna. Go here to get some media and story.

Terence Mckenna short video - 'I am the Walrus' - get this great psychedelic clip (700K) here

Terence Mckenna's View on Conspiracy Theory ('96) - Includes Psychedelic Filter - 1.2MB - Download here

On the way back from Hawaii, I visited San Francisco and John Shirley. Get the video (only 311K) of the two of us here

I also finally meet RU SIRIUS, for whom I'd written some articles. Get the still picture here

I found this old video of Doctress Neutopia @ UMASS - Media file 377k - Download here

Here is part of my '97 lecture @ Occidental College, curtesy of Prof Scott Littleton - 1.4MB - Download here

The Dalai Lama vid - Kirstenbosch Gardens, Cape Town, Dec '99 - listen carefully - 5.7MB - Download here

NOTE: Please download and then view the above files off your hard drive. This server is in South Africa:)

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