Pictures say more. The pix below represent a net cocktail party snapshot from way back when (say <1995). But here are more current (24th January 2001) snapz + some other interesting stuff. A mixed bag.

I scooped my best friend Michael, (an American Ecologist living in Cape Town) climbing Table Mountain

and Azmazz (my secret weapon), taking in sunrise to the MAX during the Stardust Goa Trance Party. The picture says it all. Meantime I'll be adding more pix of those that flow like Ron, Uri, Shaun and others at as time takes me. Meantime back in this place that is not a place, (calling it 'cyberspace' in *here* gets you demoted to rookie status) some of those at my party might be;

Barry Lategan well known Guru of Photography and headspace -

My dear friend Prof C. Scott Littleton and his charming wife Mary-Anne have been the cornerstones of moral support. Scotty holds the chair of Anthropology at Occidental College in Los Angeles but also writes sci-fi.

Terence Mckenna. shaman and author from Hawaii, seen here with me at Rustlers Valley in South Africa advises on altered states of reality and current degree of Novelty. From our first email correspondence Terence lent me any and every support he could. This included forwarding my MS and making long distance phone calls on my behalf


Sci-Fi author of many published books, screenwriter and Rock 'n Roll singer lyricist of 'The Panther Moderns' from LA also offered me considerable moral support, got me to learn about Gurdjieff. Get to his site

He also connected me to Don and Vicki Ecker

at UFO Magazine in Los Angeles for whom I've subsequently two articles, one on Terence Mckenna, the other on the a purported UFO crash near Leribe in Lesotho. Check out their site above.

Doctress Neutopia, (aka Libby Hubbard), High Priestess of Neutopia, artist, poet revolutionary and sister.

Simon Dawson. Awesome netfriend. Author/philosopher from New Zealand.

Xantha a sometimes writer and netfriend, from Austin, Texas - (in 'lets get serious' mode).

Joop Grijpink, a graphic artist from Holland who masterminded the Artefact Project married Sonia from Cuba

I met Joseph 'Bearwalker' Wilson some years ago on soc.religion.shamanism through an interlude in shamanic poetry and greatly admired his spirit. You can view his website HERE.


I met Sabsy on Usenet (soc.culture.south-africa), where he'd held court for months against both left and right. I subsequently met him when he returned to SA and we've become friends.

Here's a pic from 'The Wizard of Oz' himself. None other than John Winston. And last but not least my friend B'sharg from the Planet Zaix, who wishes y'all "b'yashtoo'ch't".

Strange lights can regularily be seen

burning at schwann's place.

Tonight is no different.

To be continued; 6.55 PM 21st July 1998